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Atlantic Tide (en)

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We know this system produces only injustice and inequality, that we, the 99%, are suffering cuts in public services designed by a minority under command of the economic power. We know that, with the excuse of the crisis, they are multiplying emigration, unemployment and poverty and we, the majority, think that’s enough. The time has come to change things at once.

In Coruna we know what it means to be a city of tides. That ́s why we want to join the approaching democratic rebellion, this tide that after filling our streets, now proposes to put the institutions at the service of the people. We want to take the tools needed to combat inequality and build a new city and a new society. And we will start with Coruna, because we know our city well and imagine it in another form.

We deserve a city without corruption and evictions. A city free of speculation. A city for the people, for their coexistence and their collective and individual realization, not a showcase. A city without prejudices, warm and yet proud of its own language and culture. A city without exclusions of any kind. A city designed for the common people.

We are not alone or newcomers. We have taken part in many social movements and popular organizations. But the popular pulse and the urgency of this epoch indicate that the time for action has come: we can overcome and win Maria Pita back.

We think it ́s time to open a process in order to join forces ahead of next year local elections. We need a meeting space, where everybody fits under a common goal: to put an end to the policies dictated by the elites and the economic power and rescue democracy, kidnapped by bipartisanship also at that level.

We propose to initiate a process, neighborhood by neighborhood, beyond the individuals, from the difference but with generosity, to build a space freed from the shackles of the old policy based on the prominence of the people. We want to find a new way of organizing ou life together, honest and transparent, built by the citizens, at their service and under their control.

A radically democratic and participative cycle without any restriction, and with the capacity to excite the social majority, each one of us.

It ́s time for the Atlantic Tide.

And how about you? Do you see the tide is coming too?

Sign to call for the tide.

Sign to call